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We are committed to developing cost-effective, sustainable solutions and technologies that have a positive impact on society. We focus on problems that require immediate action to create a better world.

our focus

creating a better world

No matter what your sustainability goals are – MiniMines has a solution. We at Minimines intend to transform the Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) supply chain by providing/extracting additional sources of raw materials dervied from recycled batteries and supplemented with sustainably mined material.

The global LIB recycling industry faces many challenges, including financial and technical constraints, and infrastructure limitations. Minimines solutions are committed to resolving the major issues in the industry to transition to a circular economy, by utilising the potential opportunities and using numerous technological solutions.

cutting edge

technologies in focus

We are dedicated to addressing the major barriers to transitioning to a circular economy, as well as developing technological solutions to overcome them.

Li-ion recycling

What makes us unique

exceptional technology at work

Unified methodology

Simple process to recycle all types of Li-Ion batteries. No import dependency on raw materials.

cost effective

Flexible model based on economies of scale, low cost of raw materials and solvents.

Environment Friendly

Carbon Negative Process, closed loop process with negligible waste generation,Self-Sustainable.

Intellectual property

Building strong IP development to gain competitive advantage, Licensable Technology.

we can help

Let's partner for a better world

We work with industries and end users alike to partner on initiatives where our unique technological solutions can help lower CO2 emissions.

raw materials for battery manufacturers

Get battery grade materials of lithium, cobalt, magnesium, nickel for re-entry into the supply chain required for Li-ion cell manufacturing.

recycle with us

Do you have any lithium ion batteries or electronic waste? Achieve your battery sustainability goals through our HYBRID-HYDROMETALLURGY ™ process.

epr partnership

As a government approved entity, we can help you fulfill your battery Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and stay BWMR compliant. 

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