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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We achieved five SDGs, through our numerous services and technology,

The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the environment, and ensure that by 2030, all people live in peace and prosperity. The 17 SDGs are interconnected; they recognize that actions in one area will have an impact on outcomes in others and that development must balance social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Countries have pledged to prioritize progress for those who are the most disadvantaged. The SDGs aim to eliminate poverty, hunger, AIDS, and gender discrimination against women and girls. To achieve the SDGs in any context, everyone’s creativity, know-how, technology, and financial resources are needed.
Our approach to Sustainable Goals is two-fold. Firstly to provide 100 percent regenerative solutions by 2050. These are cyclic solutions that benefit biodiversity and climate change, as well as people’s well-being. MiniMines’ 2050 target is to assist our consumers in becoming self-regenerative. We will continue to ensure that our daily activities are conducted responsibly. We will strive to respect human rights, minimize emissions to air and water, and impacts from our value chain are proactively handled.

Services & technology

Achieving SDGs

Affordable and clean energy SDG
Affordable And Clean Energy

We use non-conventional energy sources  and ensure access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy services. We use advanced and cleaner fossil-fuel technology.

Decent Work and Economic Growth
Decent Work & Economic Growth

Operating in the manufacturing and services sector by recycling energy storage devices, we contribute to growth  and employment opportunities for unskilled workers, women and those in rural areas. 

Industry Innovation and infrastructure
Industry Innovation and Infra

The job multiplication effect of industrialisation has a positive impact on society.We are aiming to create a sustainable circular Lithium economy using its IP knowledgebase and innovative ideas.

Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG
Sustainable Cities & Communities

Our unique concept of collection, segregation, recycling, and resale will create a sustainable microeconomy for local urban and rural areas. This will provide local employment and reduce migration due to unemployment.

Responsible consumption and production

Our technology and efforts of recycling of spent energy storage devices and extracting valuable battery-grade material, lignen as well as carbon capture solutions and Green Hydrogen storage technologies care perfect examples of responsible consumption and production. 


We take urgent action against climate change by deploying carbon capture technologies at scale and restricting mining for rare elements required for energy storage devices, by efficiently storing Green Hydrogen etc.

we can help

Let's partner for a better world

We work with industries and end users alike to partner on initiatives where our unique technological solutions can help lower CO2 emissions.

raw materials for battery manufacturers

Get battery grade materials of lithium, cobalt, magnesium, nickel for re-entry into the supply chain required for Li-ion cell manufacturing.

recycle with us

Do you have any lithium ion batteries or electronic waste? Achieve your battery sustainability goals through our HYBRID-HYDROMETALLURGY ™ process.

epr partnership

As a government approved entity, we can help you fulfill your battery Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and stay BWMR compliant. 


The best of battery grade materials of lithium, cobalt, magnesium, nickel. 


Our HYBRID-HYDROMETALLURGY ™ process will even help  your sustainabilty goals.

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