Critical minerals: From mining to market for battery production in India


India’s LIB (Lithium-Ion Battery) cell manufacturing industry is poised for substantial growth, with projections indicating the need for significant quantities of key materials to meet the demand for batteries by 2030. The industry is expected to require approximately 193 thousand tons/annum of cathode active material, 98 thousand tons/annum of anode active material, 91 thousand tons/annum […]

What is Inside an Electric Vehicle Battery?


Electric vehicle batteries are intricate and comprise numerous components, including battery cells, modules, wiring, a battery management system (BMS), a thermal management system, separators, and an electrolyte, all enclosed within a protective housing. This battery pack can account for 30 to 50 percent of the vehicle’s value and approximately 40 percent of its weight. With […]

Battery Storage Market and Potential in India

India’s push for a low-carbon economy through the adoption of clean energy presents a profitable set of opportunities for energy storage in the country. Battery storage has become a reality in India due to the energy sector’s growing technology landscape and efficient cost-cutting tactics across the supply chain. The introduction of advanced cells, particularly lithium-ion […]