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Your old devices and batteries still have life in them. Make a positive impact on the environment. Bring your End-Of-Life batteries and E-Waste to us for responsible recycling.

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Battery recycling services

At Mini Mines, we are committed to creating a greener and more sustainable future by recycling used batteries.

Whether you’re a concerned individual, a residential association, a corporate office, or even a battery manufacturer, mobile phone repair shop, or refurbishing company, your contribution matters. 

Trust us to safely recycle your Used Batteries, by choosing to recycle your used batteries with us, you’re not only responsibly disposing of e-waste but also actively participating in the creation of a circular economy. 

Through our advanced recycling processes, we extract valuable materials from used batteries, reducing the need for extracting raw resources and minimizing environmental impact.


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recycle with us

Help us protect the planet by recycling your e-waste and end-of-life batteries. Together, we can reduce electronic waste and minimize the environmental impact. Join our green mission today

staying on course

our pillars



To develop multiple sustainable, clean-tech, and recycling technologies for different sectors  via solutions such as Li-ion battery recycling, Green Hydrogen, Black Liquor, and Carbon Capture.



To encourage sustainable growth in order to provide the opportunity for people to live smarter by being responsible to the society and environment at large.



To extract and recycle critical elements in a sustainable manner and strive towards reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions. Our goal is to provide 100% regenerative solutions by 2050. 

Don’t Let Them Rust Away

Give Life to Your Old Electronics

recycle with us

Your old devices and batteries still have life in them – help us give them a second chance. Recycle your e-waste with us and ensure a cleaner, greener future for all. Start recycling now!

What makes us unique

exceptional technology at work

Unified methodology

Simple process to recycle all types of Li-Ion batteries. No import dependency on raw materials.

cost effective

Flexible model based on economies of scale, low cost of raw materials and solvents.

Environment Friendly

Carbon Negative Process, closed loop process with negligible waste generation, self-sustainable.

Intellectual property

Building strong IP development to gain competitive advantage, Licensable Technology.

Responsible Disposal, Big Impact

Eco-Friendly Electronics Recycling

recycle with us

Make a positive impact on the environment. Bring your end-of-life batteries and e-waste to us for responsible recycling. It’s the eco-friendly choice, and together, we can create a sustainable future. Join us in recycling today!


Our HYBRID-HYDROMETALLURGY ™ process will even help  your sustainabilty goals.


The best of battery grade materials of lithium, cobalt, magnesium, nickel.